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Pardini Rifles

GPR1 Match Air Rifle

The GPR1air rifle is the result of a collaboration between Giampiero Pardini and Niccolò Campriani, the Olympic Champion and two Olymic Records holder from London, 2012. “The beating heart” of the GPR1 – as Mr. Pardini likes to call it – is the evolution of mechanical innovations that have already been adopted by the Pardini’s air pistols. It has a “cryodesmodromic” trigger made from cryogenically treated steel components and an efficient recoil reducer (Absorber). The highlights of the GPR1 project is the modular stock, made of lightweight 7075 alloy (Ergal) and the ergonomic design.


All of the accessories allow numerous adjustments on (in) the three axes and are available in kits for right-handed or left-handed shooters. The stock, grip, hand rest, barrel and butt plate have screw-fitted counterweights. Inovation brings new look for the GPR1 - true pass-through eyelets that make the GPR1 lighter and the profile - unmistakable.


The TOP, EVO and Pro have a new wood and aluminum hand-rest, designed according to the specific recommendations of Petra Zublasing - 2014 AR40 world champion. The GPR1 rifle is available in four versions: TOP, EVO, PRO and BASIC (without accessories).

Pardini GPR1 top 2.jpg

GPR1 Match Air Rifle

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FR22 ISSF Match Rifle

With the FR22 model, Pardini Armi completes its collection for all ISSF shooting events. The design of this .22LR caliber rifle for 50 meter events is based on modern and innovative ideas.

Pardini FR22 rifle is dedicated to all 50 meter shooting events. A very short barrel, a trigger mechanism characterized by a wide range of adjustments, and a modular and replaceable stock are its salient features. In particular, the innovative stock allows the shooter to save time in the difficult transition from one shooting position to the next in 50m Rifle 3 Position events; by unscrewing a single knob, it is possible to completely remove butt pad, cheek piece and pistol grip.

FR22 Components: Centra Spy rear sight, Centra Score front sight, Pardini butt-plate, wood/ergal hand-rest with internal and external weight set (9), slim cheek piece. The grip is available in 3 different sizes (S-M-L) for right-handed shooters and 1 size (M) for lefthanded shooters.

FR 22.png

FR22 Match Sporting Rifle

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