Pardini Sport Pistols


SP NEW Sport and SP/RF Rapid Fire 

The Pardini SP NEW -   was used at the London Olympics by competitors who captured the Gold and Bronze medals in Ladies Sport Pistol.



 The Pardini SP NEW and SP/RF Pistols are the favorite of World Cup and Olympic Shooters.  The Pardini SP NEW and SP/RF Pistols were used by Olympic Champions in London.  Rapid Fire shooters winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals used the Pardini SP NEW RF.  Also a new World and Olympic record of 592 was established by Alexi Klimow and a World Record of 593 by Christian Reits both shooters usisng the Pardini SP NEW RF pistol.





The Pardini GT Pistol is also available in a Bulls Eye Model designed on the principals that made the Pardini GT a favorite of center fire shooters.  It utilizes the same style favoured by IPSIC Shooters.  This  model can be tailored to meet the needs of Bulls Eye Shooters who demand accuracy at both precision and sustanied fire at different distances from their pistols.



The Pardini SP NEW - Bulls Eye is a continuation of the commitmen by Pardini to support shooters in all forms of competitive shooting.  The SP NEW NRA model is available configured for competitive Bullys Eye shooting.  



The Pardini HP NEW is also available in a Bulls Eye Model.  It can be mounted with Ultra Dot red dot scope, and enlarged NRA palm shelf.





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