Pardini Sport Pistols

The Pardini SP NEW Sport Pistol and the SP NEW/RF Rapid Fire Pistol have common design features that make these Competition Target Pistols the favorite guns used in International and Olympic competition. The implementation of a unique recoil reduction system reduces recoil and improves performance during sustained fire.  

The ergonomic design and walnut grip provides a balance with the weight over the shooters wrist making the gun very quick to "point" and acquire the target with clear sight alignment providing improved accuracy.  Combined with adjustable trigger and sights the Pardini SP NEW is a Proven Olympic Champion.

Pardini SP NEW

The Pardini SP NEW Sport Pistol is the state of the art in design and innovation in target pistols.  The gun has an aluminium frame to reduce the weight and transmission of recoil, utilizing a unique recoil reduction system.  A very low sight line makes target acquisition very quick.  The adjustable trigger system is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding shooter. There is also an adjustable rear sight with adjustable aperture opening to conform to every shooters sighting preference.  The gun comes supplied with hard case, two magazines, cleaning kit, tool kit and adjustable ergonomic walnut grip.

 SP NEW                                                         $ 2,995.00

 SP NEW with .32 Conversion                     $ 4,695.00

Pardini SP/RF Rapid Fire

The Pardini SP NEW/RF is the most popular Rapid Fire Pistol used in Olympic and International Competition.  It was used by all finalists at the recent Olympics and World Cups.  This gun was used to set current World and Olympic records.


Its low mass reduced weight bolt system with matching Tungsten weights for recoil reduction makes the SP NEW/RF the first choice of Rapid Fire shooters.  The adjustable trigger may be set for a very short pull and with the adjustable trigger stop, this gun can be tailored to the needs of the most demanding shooters at all levels of shooting and competition.

SP NEW NRA Bulls Eye

Pardini Bulls Eye - 6 inch Barrel with Compensatore, Ultra Dot Scope, Bulls Eye Palm Shelf

Pardini SP NEW/RF Rapid Fire

SP NEW/RF  Rapid Fire                                         $ 3,350.00

SP NEW/RF with HP Conversion Combo           $ 4,995.00

The Pardini SP NEW is also available set up to meet the needs of NRA Bulls Eye shooters.  The SP NEW BE is ideally suited for Bulls Eye shooting.  With the addition of an enlarged palm rest and an Ultra Dot red dot scope available in various models this gun is an awesome Bulls Eye Competitor. With its recoil reduction system it is very stable during sustained fire.  As well as the adjustable trigger it is ideally suited for Bulls Eye shooting.  It is available with a .32 caliber S&W Long conversion as well as a .32 ACP conversion that provides exceptional accuracy to 50 yards.

SP NEW NRA Bulls Eye                                        $ 2,995.00

SP Bulls Eye 5 inch barrel Conversion Only    $ 1,895.00  

SP Bulls Eye 6 inch barrel Conversion Only       $ 1,995.00  

SP NEW NRA Bulls Eye 5 inch barrel                  $ 3,095.00

SP Bulls Eye with Ultra Dot Scope                     $ 3,495.00

SP Bulls Eye 6 inch barrel Match Dot II           $ 3,995.00

SP Bulls Eye with .32 S&W Conversion            $ 4,895.00

HP .32 S&W Conversion Kit                                $ 1,895.00

Bulls Eye 5 inch Barrel with

Picantily Rail and Compensator

Pardini HP NEW .32 S&W Long Wad Cutter



Pardini Conversions, Combination Sets & 

Bulls Eye Kits


SP New with HP Conversion                          $ 4,695.00

SP New RF with HP Conversion                     $ 4,995.00

HP NEW Bulls Eye 6 inch                                $ 3,495.00

HP Bulls Eye with Ultra Dot Scope                $ 3,795.00

HP Bulls Eye with Match Dot II Scope          $ 3,945.00

HP NEW with SP Conversion Kit                   $ 4,695.00

SP NEW with SP/RF  Conversion Kit             $ 4,995.00

SP .22 4 inch Conversion for Kit HP NEW    $ 1,895.00

SP/RF Rapid Fire Conversion Kit                   $ 2,195.00

HP .32 Conversion Kit for SP                          $ 1,895.00

SP 5 inch Bulls Eye .22 Barrel Kit                  $ 1,890.00

SP 6 inch Bulls Eye .22 Barrel KIt                  $ 1,990.00

SP 6 inch Bulls Eye .22 + Compensator         $2,090.00

Pardini HP NEW  - is a .32 caliber Center Fire pistol chambered for the .32 S&W Long WC cartridge. This gun has all of the design features built into the SP NEW making the transition from  Sport Pistol to Center Fire effortless and seamless.  With the unique recoil reduction system this gun is an excellent performer during sustained fire.  It is also available in the NRA Bulls Eye set up for the NRA shooters.  For the utmost in accuracy at 50 yards the .32 ACP conversion provides the utmost in accuracy.

Pardini HP NEW .32 S&W                                       $ 3,395.00

Pardini HP with SP .22 Conversion Combo         $ 4,695.00

Pardini HP with SP/RF .22 Conversion Combo   $ 4,995.00

Pardini SP/HP COMBINATION SET .32/.22conversion 

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